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Privacy Policy

Seapro protects your privacy. For us, it's really important that you as a customer feel confident that we handle your personal information in a safe and secure manner. This means, for example, that we are open to what we do with your personal data, that we do not sell your personal data to other companies and that we comply with current data protection rules in accordance with the GDPR Directive.

Below we describe how we treat your personal information, what rights you have, what you do if you have questions, etc.

How do we process your personal information?

When you shop from an online store, ours or someone else, you leave information about yourself. Where you live, what email address you have and what you are shopping. Some of our customers wonder what we do with the information and here we describe a little more formally how we work with information.

The basis of all we do is to treat our customers as we ourselves want to be treated, always. This also applies when it comes to information.

Summary of our information management

We collect as little information as possible. We need to know where you live to send the goods home to you. If you order for your job or summer place, we do not even need to know where you live.

If you want to pay an order by invoice or a partial payment, our partner Svea Webpay must have your social security number. Only then can you have your goods returned to your invoice or partial payment. This only applies to customers in Sweden.

When paying by credit card, you must provide your credit card number. It goes through a secure server at Svea Webpay who manages card payments for us. We do not see or store your credit card number.

We must of course know which products you order and we need your e-mail address to contact you with delivery message, changed information, etc.

Here's a more detailed description.

What systems are your data in?

When you shop with us, your order will take several steps to process and ship your goods to you.

Askås internet trade company

We use a system for our webshop called Askås. It is a database where our products, our pages of text and everything else (including this page) you see in the webshop are collected. When you place an order at www.seapro.se, you do it in Askås.

Your order will then end up in a database at Askås, which we and Askås technicians have access to. Askås keeps the information for us but does not treat it in any way without our permission and our request. For example, if something has gone wrong technically when you placed an order. Then Askås technicians can investigate the order and troubleshoot.

The order contains information about which products you purchased from us, your mobile number and e-mail address, how you paid (but no information about credit card, social security number or the like) and the address we will send the goods to.

It is through Askås you receive e-mail notification that we received your order and when we send your order.

If you make a change or return goods, we will usually notice it in Askås. For example, such a note may look like this:

"36801: Replacement Wetsuit Aropec Shorty from Small to Medium"

In addition, we can save and post email conversations linked to order and change.

We never write any personal information in the note area, but only such things related to the order.

Svea Webpay and Swish

When you come to the checkout you have to pay for your goods. There you can choose from several different payment options. Depending on the payment method, an external payment service provider will receive information about your purchase. Svea has a system where the contents of the order are visible so it may look like this:

"865-M Wetsuit Aropec Streamline Herr M-1 pc total 1196 kr"

If you have questions about how Svea or Swish process your information, please contact Svea Webpay and Swish your bank.

Your e-mails

We use Levonline for our customer service e-mail. When you e-mail to info@seaprodivers.se, it's the Levonline e-mail service we use. Normally, we will delete e-mails within 2-3 weeks after we receive them, usually within 24 hours.

Data Protection Officer at Seapro

Our CEO is the Data Protection Officer and is responsible for ensuring that all employees are familiar with how we process information. If you would like to contact, send an e-mail to info@seaprodivers.se.

How do we use this information?

We use the information to expedite your order. We use your e-mail address to send you information about the status of your order.

Why do we save information?

We save information for accounting reasons. We need to be able to report the basis for the tax authorities. You can create an account at www.seapro.se and see your previous orders. The fact that your information is stored facilitates a significantly easier if you need to exchange an item or any warranty claim handling.

Can I delete my account?

You can request the information that does not need to be saved foro the accounting records deleted from our database. You can also log in to your page and edit details and see what information is stored. Such as name, address, order, mobile number etc. You can't edit items in an order you already placed.


We use cookies. We do so to keep your goods in your shopping cart. We do not store any personal information in cookies.

Google Analytics

We also use Google's "Google Analytics" service. "These services also use Cookies. Learn more about what it means to you.

Information to other companies or authorities

We never leave your information to anyone else. Exception is made if for any reason we are forced by law or by court order.

Remove your order information from our database

The information we save regarding you order is only available as a basis for the financial transaction and is kept for legal reasons and therefore can not be deleted.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us at info@seaprodivers.se

So now I hope you feel safe with how we treat your personal information and want to continue shopping with us.