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Snorkling / Package Mask, Snorkel & Fins

899 kr (998 kr)
Package Deal Wiz Kids
499 kr (607 kr)
Package Sprint Youth
399 kr (627 kr)
Snorkeling Kit for Adults Sprint
Snorkeling package with Beetle/X-View mask, snorkel Vent and full foot pocket fins Sprint.
549 kr (727 kr)
Package Deal Tiara
799 kr (927 kr)
Package Tiara Frameless
899 kr (1027 kr)
Package Tiara Zee
Zee mask, Snorkel Vent and fins Tiara 2
899 kr (1027 kr)
Package Powerflex
Snorkeling Kit for Adults Power Flex
649 kr (827 kr)
Package Power Flex Frameless
Frameless mask, Snorkel Vent and Power Felx fins
749 kr (927 kr)
Package Power Flex Zee
Zee mask, Vent snorkel and Power Flex fins
799 kr (947 kr)